Southeast Produce Council

February 20, 2014

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Southeast Produce Council 


Situation: The Southeast Produce Council (SEPC) had the same website for more than ten years, which required multiple systems to complete a task that could be accomplished by one website. The SEPC was also looking for functionality that was current with today’s technology.


Task: Redesign and combine the use of multiple systems into one seamless platform. Requirements involved the ability for members to manage their own accounts and pay membership dues via a private members-only login, provide a directory to search for members, install an automated process for sending invoices, and showcase the latest council and committee information, events and activities to keep members up to date.


Action: Idea Garden Marketing worked with the SEPC through each phase of the website using our signature 6-phase website design process, providing them with the ability to review and provide input along the way. This process ensures that our clients are part of the development process and will not receive any surprises at the conclusion of the development. This method also gave SEPC the ability to test all the features and refine as needed. All requirements were accomplished with additional features built-in to prepare for future technology updates.


Result: The new website provides a more seamless user experience allowing members to quickly find the information they need. The biggest success for the SEPC is now members can update their profiles and pay dues without having to make a phone call, creating efficiency for all and giving the SEPC staff more time to focus on other business priorities.

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