Red Sun Farms Social Media

June 01, 2014

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Red Sun Farms – Social Media


Situation: Red Sun Farms had established social media accounts, but wanted to take their social efforts to the next level. Additionally, everything needed to be rebranded to Red Sun Farms including page name changes, imagery, and company information.


Task: Upgrade current Red Sun Farm social accounts with the new brand look as well as create a consistent posting calendar for awareness and engagement.


Action: Idea Garden Marketing updated all Red Sun Farm networks with new imagery and company information. Once the accounts were restructured for Red Sun Farms, a content calendar was developed that included a testing plan to learn what resonates best with the Red Sun Farms audience.


Result: Red Sun Farms is pleased with the network updates especially since fans are engaging more with the content than previously. Average engagement per post is nearly 10%, which means for 10% of those reached are engaging with the content. This is one of the best engagement rates across the industry.

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