How to Speak Southern

August 30, 2015

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How to Speak Southern – Promotion


Situation: Every year Shuman Produce launches a new Vidalia Onion campaign to increase onion consumption between May – July. This year, the team wanted to enhance the How to Speak Southern concept by encouraging the use of southernisms across social media channels to create buzz around southern words.


Task: The task for this year’s campaign was to create a promotion to acquire shopper information while giving users the ability to join the How to Speak Southern campaign. Shuman Produce also wanted to conversations of people mentioning Vidalia onions and introduce them to the How To Speak Southern campaign and introduce How To Speak Southern and the RealSweet brand to people who are naturally speaking southern.


Action: Idea Garden Marketing developed a lead generating quiz that encouraged people to join the How To Speak Southern campaign by sharing their results with their family and friends. The quiz was titled Can You Speak Southern? and asked a series of questions resulting in an over-the-top rating ranging from “Professor of Southernology” to “Bless Your Heart.” A landing page was also created to host the quiz as well as provide information about the RealSweet brand.


Result: In eight weeks, the Can You Speak Southern Quiz was taken more than 25,500 times and 26% of all those who took the quiz opted-in to receive emails from Shuman Produce. Traffic also spiked at nearly 30,000 website visits. As a bonus, the campaign also helped RealSweet gain 200 new Facebook Likes.

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