Digital Marketing University for Produce Professionals

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Digital Marketing University for Produce Professionals?


• Digital Marketing University for Produce Professionals is a series of online digital marketing courses specific to the produce industry. Classes are geared to help produce companies connect to their consumers and get the most out of digital marketing.


Why should I attend Digital Marketing University?


• Digital Marketing University for Produce Professionals will help you effectively reach your target audience, increase sales and measure return on investment. All classes are structured specific to the produce industry and use real examples that will relate directly to your business.


How many classes are there and what are the topics?


• There are five online classes with each class covering one of the following topics: social media, digital advertising, website best practices, search engine optimization and email marketing.


Who is the course instructor?


John Avola, CEO and Co-founder of Idea Garden Marketing, will serve as the course instructor again this year. John is well known as a marketing expert in the industry for successfully launching new brand identities and creating integrated marketing campaigns for produce clients. He enjoys helping businesses establish a digital footprint, acquire new customers and capitalize on opportunities to increase profits.


Can one registration be purchased per company?


• Absolutely! The registration fee is applicable to all employees in a company that want to attend. We suggest scheduling a lunch-n-learn and having your team join. The more the merrier!


What if I miss a class?


• Every class is recorded and available for later viewing. At the end of each class, the instructor will send an email with a summary of what was discussed, the presentation and supporting materials, and a link to view the class recording. If you have any questions while watching the class, you can email the instructor who will promptly provide an answer – just as if you were in class!


Will I earn any certifications?


• Yes, all participants who complete the 5-week course will receive a personalized certification of completion.


I don’t know anything about digital marketing. Is this class for me?


• Yes, that’s why Idea Garden Marketing created Digital Marketing University for Produce Professionals. We saw a need to help educate the industry and help likeminded produce professionals learn more about the ever-changing digital world. Whether you consider yourself beginner or advanced, this webinar series is for you!

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